hi! i'm chloe

I’m a graphic designer based in Manitoba, Canada, and it seems you’ve made it to my portfolio website! As a reward, feel free to look around.

about me

Hi, I’m Chloe! 

I started in the Red River College Graphic Design program directly out of high school and graduated last year, but I decided to further my studies by enrolling in the Communication Design program. I’m fresh out of school, and I hope to specialize in print-based and editorial design.

During my free time when I’m not crushed under the weight of impending deadlines, I like to unwind by spending time with friends and family, completing the daily Wordle, crocheting an army of frogs, and cuddling with my two cats.


The Mossey River Inn Rebrand

Branding, Merchandizing

Render, a Comprehensive Guide to Video Games

Branding, Editorial Design, Layout

Bright Bud Plant Shop

Branding, App Design

Lamb's Spiced Rum Redesign

Packaging/Label Design

Point, a Guide to Analog Photography

Editorial Design, Layout

W6 Architecture Annual Report

Editorial Design, Layout

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